Sell Your Home for More and Sell It Faster

While home buyers typically utilize a home inspection, you - as the seller - also have a lot riding on the transaction. Put yourself in a stronger position for negotiations, avoid surprises, and maximize your return by scheduling a seller's home inspection before you list.

How a Home Inspection Affects Negotiations

When it comes to negotiations, the difference between having your home inspected before listing versus after the seller gets involved is somewhat unintuitive. If you don't have an inspection report for the buyer when negotiations begin, then you may end up putting yourself at a disadvantage early on without realizing it. To illustrate this point lets take a look at a hypothetical example.

For this example, Joe is the seller and Mary is the potential buyer. Joe isn't aware of any major problems with the home, but he does know that the roof and water heater will be reaching the end of their lifespan sometime in the next 3 to 5 years.

Negotiations begin with Mary offering $10,000 below Joe's asking price. Joe is not satisfied with the offer. However, he talks himself down from his asking price by several thousand dollars because of the aging roof and water heater. They meet in the middle at $5,000 below Joe's asking price.

Mary later hires a home inspector to take a look at the property. The inspector points out some minor maintenance items that need attention, but also reports that the roof and water heater will need to be replaced soon and that these will be major expenses.

Mary was not aware that Joe lowered his price with these expenses in mind. She now expects Joe to lower the price even further to compensate for the extra costs. They settle on Mary's original offer of $10,000 below Joe's asking price. If Joe had an inspection report to give to the buyer, which included these findings, then Mary would have been aware of them during the initial negotiations. Joe would not have had to reduce his price twice for the same reasons, and he would have walked away with more money in his pocket.

Avoid Surprises

Findings from a buyer's inspection can catch you off guard, just as it can the buyer. If that happens, then you'll be under pressure to correct the problem quickly or lower the price. If a major problem is discovered, or if negotiations break down, then the transaction is in jeopardy. And when a deal falls through, nobody wins. By completing a seller's home inspection before listing it for sale, you can be better prepared and make any necessary repairs on your own terms.

We use modern, electronic reporting methods and check off items as we go so that it's impossible to overlook important items. We even bring our own WiFi to deliver your report immediately after the inspection is completed. The digital format makes it quick and easy to send your inspection report to a real estate agent or a potential buyer.

We Respect Your Property and Your Time

Many strangers will be entering your home during the selling process. Some will be more respectful than others. You can rest assured that we will respect your time and property as though it were our own. We strive to always be on time and take every precaution to avoid causing any damage to your property. By the time we are finished with our seller's home inspection, it will be as though we were never even there.